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Energy Efficiency

Implementing Energy Efficiency solutions has many advantages - from reducing environmental impact to saving costs. We help our clients to implement energetic efficiency solutions while achieving the same end goals.

We create custom solutions helping to achieve energetic efficiency to our clients and work with our clients at every step of the process from planning, to engineers and implementation.

We focus on two main end goals:


Helping our customers to reduce the energy needed in the processes/operations  of their companies by using innovative solutions.


Helping our clients to reduce the use of the energy generated from fossil fuels and helping our clients to switch to the renewable energy.

SuperBonus 110%

Solar Panels on Roof

We help individuals to benefit from the various government incentives for Superbonus110 % and to contribute to the ‘greener world’ at no cost to them*! 

Our team has expertise in activating Superbonus 110% incentive which was specifically designed to improve the energetic efficiency of the real estate in the private sector. We use our engineering experience to propose the best Superbonus 110% compatible solutions for the homes of our customers and help them enjoy a more sustainable daily life.

Superbonus 110% offers incentives related to the restructuring of the current property in order to improve the energy efficiency and we at Vertech assist our customers at every step of the process of gaining this tax credit.

Types of buildings eligible for SuberBonus 110%:


Apartments in a condominiums or apartment building;


Houses that are at least 300 meters from the sea;


Detached houses where the owner has the main residence or a second home (including but not limited to single-family houses, semi-detached houses, multi-family houses with a separate entrance), and roof areas.

* Please note that stately homes in villas and castles, also all the properties that are under cadastral categories A1, A8, A9 are NOT ELIGIBLE for SUPERBONUS 110%.

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