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Discover Vertech 

Vertech is an International Engineering Consultancy with Innovation at its core mainly operating in the industrial and automotive circular economy fields.

In over forty years and 3 generations of experience we developed a team capable of supporting clients worldwide while developing and implementing complex projects and circular economy strategies.

At Vertech we are able to find solutions even to the most complex challenges while always maintaining our core values - professionalism, high quality, sustainable practices and long term customer satisfaction. Our team of consultants is devoted to the continuous improvement of our work and delivering the best results to our clients.

We help our clients to transform their businesses and daily lives into more sustainable ones. By providing them with concrete, efficient, innovative, circular model solutions we support them on their journey towards a zero impact goal.

Vertech follows the procedures of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015  certifications across the circular economy, automotive and other target fields.

Our Values and Core Principles


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