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Circular Economy 

We have developed significant international experience and specialize in engineering circular solutions in the industrial sector. That way we help our clients to make their businesses more sustainable and reduce their environmental impact.

We have expertise in integrating solutions which allow our clients to replace the raw materials with recycled solutions.

As we keep UN SDGS at the core of our consulting practices we are able to support our clients/companies on the way of implementing sustainable practices in their everyday activities.

At its core, a circular economy offers an alternative approach to value creation and aims to replace the current ‘’take-make-waste’’ linear economic system with a regenerative one.


In a circular system industries could overcome some of the most pressing global issues including climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution, while simultaneously creating opportunities for responsible growth.


We work with companies and organizations of all sizes and help them to move from a linear business model to a circular one.


As the consumers become more aware and the companies mature to the conclusion that the old way of producing where the items and materials are simply discarded at the end of their life cycle is not sustainable anymore.

Recycling Solutions

Our engineering expertise allow us to develop environmentally friendly solutions for recycling of the items made from multiple materials that have previously been impossible or extremely difficult to recycle and where standard recycling practices such as shredding cannot be applied.

We have an extensive experience in developing solutions for the companies that work with the products made from rubber and metal.

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